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Hotshot Racing

For the new age, Hotshot Racing takes the vibrant and popular arcade racing format of the 90s and upgrades it. This latest release is sure to be a winner for those who spent their formative years slinging coins into driving games at arcades, featuring tracks in playfully reimagined locations from around the globe, drivers bursting…

Drink Glurp More

Drink More Glurp is a physics-powered party game set on a remote planet where Earth’s Summer Games were stolen by aliens and everything went slightly wrong. Drink More Glurp encourages players to sprint, leap, throw and participate in a “sporting” contest for up to 20 locl players and a planet of competitors through global leaderboards…

Martha is Death

Martha is Death, a first-person psychological thriller that incorporates a mixture of history, superstition and psychological trauma with disturbing and dreamlike sounds. Via the eyes of a young woman who finds the truth but who still has lies of her own to cover, you will witness this dark time of history. Martha is Dead will launch…

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We strive to produce the best content possible, reflective of the reality of the people we represent. We expect our writers and other members of this publication to writing or producing the best level of content that they can bring.

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We take our duty to provide content is up to the standards that the gaming industry requires. We take pride in our ability to hive high standards of excellence amongst our writers and other staff members.

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We have subject experts from all various areas of the industry who have real lived experience in these areas.

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Elevating voices of the Trans, LGBT+, Black, POC, indigenous, Disabled & marginalised writers.

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