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King of Seas

The King of Seas logo is in the bottom left of the image in white font with a pirate skull over the a of sea. The image is of a beautiful blue sea with small islands in the background and in the foreground are two ships battling it out.

King of Seas brings you into a world where you can select your own course, conquer new islands, connect with interesting characters and go head to head in vicious sea battles with some of the most dreaded pirates in history, set in a beautiful procedurally created game setting.

The game engine will create a brand new game world for you to experience every time you launch a new campaign. When you set off from shore, each playthrough is a fresh and thrilling adventure. The diverse universe will also respond to your every action, adapting and tossing new obstacles your way constantly. With each captured city, maritime routes will modify, the challenge will shift as you advance through your journeys, and changes in weather will play a significant role in your navigation and strategy.

King of Seas will be available for Windows PCs through Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this festive season.


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