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As Far As The Eye

Set on a beach with waves coming in towards the letters, the words As Far As The Eye are made out of beech wood and the F and T are sprouting red coloured leaves

The game, with rogue-like and procedural generation features, is a nomadic turn-based village builder. Players will take the lead on an exciting trip to the middle of the planet known as The Eye, leading their tribe of pupils.

Players must keep their tribe going forward with an ever-rising flood trailing in their path, setting up small camps at each “stop” in order to collect the supplies, expertise and experience required to survive the unforgiving route ahead of them. The tribe and its pupils would also need to be guided in the ways of planting, crafting, science and magical study skills to achieve their final destination while managing the wealth and facilities of their mobile village.

As Far As The Eye is available now on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store.


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